Monday, November 24, 2008

bUat Lah!

cam menarik je survey ni>>
buat lah(intan berkata)

1. Besides your lips, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?
- tengkuk?wah so sweet!-

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
-bohsan la arini suma klas mr muthu..xnak g klas boleh tak?haha-

3. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
-mek pah(my roomate).coz arini bday beliau!-

4. How often do you see your ex?
-never since we bRoke up-

5. Would you ever donate blood?
-2 times!wahaha..since to donate blood..but currently i dont noe where to donate my blood type : AB!very rare..!la la la~~~

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
-deffinitely..asrul!u r my bestfren ever!-

7. Do you want someone dead?
-apa punya soalan daaa...-

8. What does your last text message say?
-"iNtan,anda sangat mengambil berat tentang rakan2 ye"..kata fArid kpd iNtan-

9. What are you thinking about right now?
-mengantok la..lepas ni nak tidO-

10. Do you wish someone was with you right now?
-tOmoya nAgase?lol-

11. What time did you go to sleep last night?
-11 ++ -

12. Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now?
-jusco,one utama-

13. Is someone on your mind right now?
-tOmoya nAgase lagi?haha-

14. Have you ever been in a hotel room with a friend of the opposite sex?
-no nO NO-

15. Who was the last person to text you?

16. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
-absolUtely nOt-

17. What are you listening to right now?
-tHe Lima:kaU ada Dia-

18. Did you sing at all today?
-yeap..sekarang juga masih la la~~~ -

19. When's the last time you cried?
-yeSterdAy..watching last episOde of mukodono 2003 -hero tOmoya nagase..haha(ntah apa2..tu pon boleh nangis) -

20. Who were you with yesterday?
-iBu,ayah,aDik,aLong,waN, pakSu,mEk pAh,diYana-

21. Do you miss anyone?
- i dO miss evEryonE in thiS world! -

23. Have you ever being drunk with your number one?
-astaghfirullah al-azim...x penah-

24. If someone liked you right now would you want them to tell you?
- i Love to ;) -

25. Do you want someone you can't have?

26. When did you last talk to your brother or sister?

27. Where were you at 2:02 am this morning?
- oN my bed i tHink :p -

29. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
- i dOnt thInk so..aftEr 3 years also i think it is impossible..haha-

30. Do you want to tell someone something?
- yeap... 'hanif kenapa kamu sejak kebelakangan ini makin ensem?' LOL..hahaha..tapi dah bagitau dah pagi tadi...hahahaha


una said...

jap2...xingat la nak tggalkan pesanan apa??

una said...

ok..dh ingat mahu amik ques ni

intan said...

sila lah ambil~~