Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my old posting...rinduuuuuuu nyaaaa!

tadi aku sesaja je cej2 post blog aku yg lama2 tu..
sekali aku terjumpa plak survey ni..
kalo x silap aku..aku post survey ni time tu aku form 5..
huhuhu..rindunya...skg dah 2 thn aku meninggalkn sekola..
kwn2 sekola pon dah bersepah2...lama x jmpa diorang..
xpe..hopefully raya ni aku boleh jumpa diorang..
hilang rindu sket..hahah..
k selamat membaca!
selamat mnyambut blan ramadhan!

Name 5 friends in your mind right now...
1. mal
2. mizah
3. apek(ann)

4. asrul
5. fendy

When the question ask, honest to answer it.

1. Who is the goodiest friend? (2 person)

apek & mal

2. Who is the best?
(1 person)

3. Who is the bad person in 5 person?
(1 person)
asrul..!!!slalu kena kan aku..!!siot ko..!!hehe

4. Who is the cleverest among this 5 person?
(1 person)

5. Who is the idiot?

huish...x baik..

6. Who is your good friend when was in secondary school?

they all

7.Did num 2 and num 5 have affair?

mal & fendy..??noooeee.......

8. Is num 1 is a big mouth?


9. Who do you hate?


10. Describe number 4.

alamak..a bit handsome..kind la..

11. Bad things number 3.

x paham bahasa melayu sangat

12. Did you ever kissed with num 1?

ahahha..with mal..?what for?

13. Did you ever dating with num 5?

his my neighbour ma..buat apa..

14. Did you ever fight wif num 3?


15. Did num 2 ever betrayed you?

16. Did num 4 ever talked bad behind your back?
ntah la..

17. Who you likes to go out with?

semua pown..!!

18. Who you always bully?

xdok..mereka yg buli saya..!!sob sob...

19. Who you likes to joke?

all of them(xpecially asrul)hehe

20. Who you likes to laughing with? (3 person)..

21. Do num 5 is open minded person?

dulu tak...sekarang yes..

22. Did num 1 and 4 ever have sex before?


23. Did num 3 and 5 kissed before???
haaha..nope of course

24. Do num 2 is a jerk?
no at all..

25. Who do you love the most?

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