Monday, September 01, 2008

me nowadays

ok for those who dunno..
i am currently study in mahsa college,pJ (malaysia)
in course B.Sc(Hons) in Physiotherapy
my program is the collaboration program with northumbria university,UK..

this is my 1st year..
this course are really2 damn nice..
the subject,classmates and even the lecturers are nice (accept my eng lect)
haha..sory uncle..but it's true man..
i hate damn much this old man..

btw i just fin my clinical posting in Hospital Kuala Lumpur(HkL)
i was superb experience!
HkL are very2 huge...
the hospital was damn2 big...
sbab tu la mungkin nama dia hospital besar kuala lumpur!
we had the clinical posting in 2 weeks..
11-22 aug
in the morning i have wake up at 5 am
bcoz i have to take the bus in my college at 6 am..
im taking bus along with the nursing students
(becoz we all together only 5 mahsa dont bother us)
and i hate it damn much..(taking the bus with nursing students)
including me..only 5 people from physiotherapy degree students..
and others are nursing students (about 30++ students)
i hate it damn much..
mementang diorang ramai..bila nak naik bas tu main tolak je!
tau la bilangan korang what?
haha..k k.relax intan..
then we arrived at hKL around 6.20.. early!
haha..but what to do..i hve no choice... :(
then take a breakfast and we start our 'observation' at 8 am
in hkL..we r rotated from one department to another..
each department for 2 days
1st day i had an orthopaedic wad..along with my physio mr.radhi
hehe..he act quite nice..but maybe becoz this is my 1st day..
so i dont have the mood yet and im quite passive that day..
but in 2nd day i became better..
in there also i met mr.yahi and one student from kkm(kmenterian kesihatan msia)
mr.yahi was so nice and he taught me a lot(maybe he quite veteran..haha)
in the 3rd day i go to neurology wad..
my physio there was pn.sukma...
she also nice(& i quite wonder why her looks like my auntie)..haha
next,i go to paedetric..
paedetric sucks!the department was so far & i hate kids!
haha..sory kids..
then i go to gymnasium & electro..
haihz i dah x larat nak citer la..
so as the conclusion..
it was very2 nice experience(excpet for the datin!)
>> kenapa la ak bnyak sangat mengumpat org neh..

btw selamat berpuasa kepada suma umat islam di sluruh dunia!
happy fasting!

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wong said...

hahha intan intan..
nursing really suckx u noe...