Thursday, September 04, 2008

i hate my english teacher!

sory sir..
but i have to said that i hate u damn much..
watever it is....
the only one i noe now..
i hate u damn much..

wat are u thinking la sir..?
u thnk u r so smart are u?
its ok sir..
i only have 2 more classes with u..
& one more classes for the presentation..
then i dont want meet u anymore for the rest of my life..hahaha..
i cant wait for that time :)
but unfortunately by that sweet time..
i have my final exam..
then it will come back to the suffering moment..

btw citer ni sekadar utk melepaskn perasaan je..

i hate English classes!
i hate my english teacher(one teacher ony i hate...d another one..i have no comment)!

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